The Silence of the Morning

Ever since I can remmeber, I have always loved arising early in the morning before everyone else. In the autumn and winter months, I especially enjoy this, as it is still dark and it just makes things seem more “cozy” to me.

This morning, I arose a little before 5:30 when I was greeted by a wet kiss on the cheek. There was Murphy, hovering over me, happily wagging his little rear end out of control. How could anyone awaken to such a greeting and pull the covers back over their head?

I got up and took both dogs outside, where they were good boys. The wind was blowing like crazy, and there were even some white flakes in the air. Dressed in my nightgown and a sweatshirt, the cold air seemed to blow right through me. Both boys seemed to understand, and we were back inside in a jiffy.

I got a nice fire started in the woodstove, and sat down to just enjoy the quiet….

And suddenly, it happened.

Once again, there was that hair-raising screeching noise of a plastic dog dish sliding across the ceramic tile floor in the kitchen. I commanded it to stop, but it just went on….moving from one side of the kitchen to the other!

As I got up and went in one door of the kitchen, I heard feet scampering, and the offending bowl being dragged out the other door and over the hardwood floor. As I tried to catch the little bugger. Muphy just sat down and gave me that “oh-so-innocent” look. Mind you, Angus was never this playful once he reached adulthood….

Do you see the little chip missing in the bottom of this dish? It was NOT missing earlier.

As you can see, those are BIG Scottie teeth. And, the ONLY way that this little man was going to STOP was for me to grab the bowl and capture it!

So, as you can see, I am spending my mornings busy with the little guy. So long to enjoying solitude and peace….but, would I change things were I able? Nooo way! Murphy is such good company. And, just like little children, pups do grow up….and then our hearts long for the good old days when……….

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