My New Scottie Soap!

Ever since I bought my first Scottie mold several months ago, I have wracked my brain trying to think of the “perfect” scent to go with the soaps. Sometimes it seems like we streatch those old brain cells for nothing! One day, while replenishing our supply of black licorice Scottie candies at TJMax, it suddenly ocurred to me! Why not make Anise Scotties?

Upon making this decisive turn of events, I called my fragrance supplier and he sent out a sample bottle of Anise oil. Yesterday, I received the fragrance. With hands trembling with anticipation, I mixed my heated oils and cooled lye water. I had already prepared some black pigment….this is where I most often goof…it seems so hard trying to determine how much soap to remove for swirling.

After trace, I added the Anise. Wow! Although I would rather eat cherry red Scottie licorice, there is something about the black licorice scent that is so yummy…So, here is a look at a dish filled with the new Scottie soaps. I only wish you could smell them. They really do smell great!

Here is a closeup of one of the bars.

As I was feeling so pleased with these soaps, I got a fax for my Scottie soap account. I had made up about 200 bars of soap in anticipation of this order. Boy, was I a bit surprised when the order called for 312 bars! Time to make more Scottie soaps!

I just have to close with a picture of Murphy. When we got Murphy from the breeder, she sent home a really cute little Scottie dog toy. It was made of a stretch fabric with a squeaker inside. It didn’t take Murphy more than a few minutes, or was it seconds?, to de-squeak his little toy. He still has the little Scottie and sometimes he just brings it over near him…almost as though it is a reminder of his breeder and momdog. So, last night, I could not help but snap a picture of Murphy lying on the bed, little Scottie toy under his head….

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  1. The soaps turned out wonderful Kae, but anise, yuck! lol
    Brian is a licorice fiend and every time he eats some, he blows in my face just to hear me rant, ; )

    That picture of Murphy is so cute, what a cute reminder for him to have around!

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