The Closing Days of Autumn?

The weatherman is saying that the warm weather we have been experiencing might well be coming to a close. So, I decided to take a few more pictures while there is still some color in the woods.

This is what the woods behind the house look like now….how NAKED! But, we can see way up into the woods!

This is a really pretty maple located on the west side of the house. When we built the house, I never even had to think about the color I wanted the walls painted in the living room and dining areas. Even though I am *true blue* through and through, I wanted these walls painted a pale buttery yellow. And so they have remained for 14 years! In the winter, spring, and summer, they provide a cheerful backdrop to the daily activities. However, in the fall….ah, the magic! As the sun passes through the golden hues of the leaves, the rooms are awash in the most spectacular display of sunny gold….No one can remain in a foul mood once safely inside this sanctuary. Yes, I am a believer that color does indeed set our moods!

Here is a picture of the contrast between the pretty golds and yellows of the maples and the bold reddish-wine and rusts of the oak trees.

Standing on the front porch and looking south, the little camper is now very visable.

This morning, as I watched out my window, I saw a squirrel hopping from branch to branch in what seemed like a frantic frenzy. What was causing this furry little critter to act like that? As I watched, I could see it zipping about, eating the maple seeds left on the tree. It worked so quickly, looking like it was starving! Hmmmm…..I suppose it is saving all the acorns buried all over the yard until spring, so it can make really big gouges in the turf! I was going to try to get a picture of said critter, but my optical zoom is so minimal……

And, speaking of squirrels…..Michelle came into the bedroom this morning with one of her hair scunchies around her wrist. And, what does Squirrely, er, Murphy think of this? One word……
ATTACK! Remove from limbs by any and all force necessary!

And, tug….tugggggggg…….tug some more!
And who do you suppose will win this tug of war?

Puppy ABUSE! How very humiliating! But, that’s OK, because he still is my pretty little boy!

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