The New Ride

After spending several hours on the telephone the past few days, Mark worked out a deal for a new truck! He has been looking at these for quite some time, and we decided the time was finally right to grab one.

We have driven quite a few different models of Chevy trucks over the past two or three months. It seems like there were so many options available, I often got confused trying to remember which truck had which options!

Last Saturday, Mark called a dealer to buy one. He called early in the morning, and asked what he needed to do to secure the truck. The salesman told him to just give a call, and he would mark it “sold”. When Mark called an hour or so later, the salesman told him someone was there “physically” closing the deal on the truck. I got so bummed!

Mark remembered the truck he had seen at another dealership….It was the same color and had even a few more “gizmos” added. This dealership said they would meet or beat any other dealership. We decided to try them out. When Mark called, he told them about the truck he had been looking at and the bottom line….the selling price. The salesman gulped, and said he would get back. And, he did! Within what seemed like minutes, the ball was rolling!

Here is our 2001 “Old Faithful” truck. It is getting very near to 100,000 miles on it and it needs a little bit of TLC. We got it in May of 2001 and it has been so great.

The biggest reason for getting a new model is we needed the crew cab with four separate doors. The extended cab made for little knee room in the back seat. With the kids getting taller, this meant that their knees were rubbing against the front seats. Another strike against the old truck is that being 5’1 1/2″ tall, I was barely able to see over the hood of the truck. The new model has a power driver seat! Hurrah!!! I can actually see way over the hood!

We plan to get a “bed rug” for the new truck, along with a cap. We bought these for the old truck, and they were so wonderful. It is nice to have a dry, secure area in the back for carrying supplies and such.

One of the cool “gadgets” on this new truck is self-dimming mirrors! OK, I am going to admit something here. I saw those cool little LCD lights on a GMC truck….the little turn signal “arrows” that point left or right…..Well, the new truck has those. I thought Mark would think I was nuts, but he is a good man who wants to please his wife. Little did we know that the dimming mirrors, as well as “heated” mirrors were all part of the package! So, that was cool!

We arranged to meet my parents after getting the new truck, because we were already a good distance towards their home. They were having some problems with their printer, and Mark thinks he can fix it, so we wanted to pick it up. We made plans to meet at a McDonalds.

I never told them a word about the new truck. Because of a slight “glitch” at the dealership, we left a little later than expected. I got crazy with nervousness….Mark told me to call my parents to tell them we would be late, but I decided to just wait.

We pulled into a parking spot at McDonalds just as my cell phone rang….My mother wondered where we were. I told her we were at McDonalds! She asked what we were driving, figuring out we did get a new vehicle! My brother and parents all gave the new truck a big thumbs up!

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