Angus and Murphy

I must say that the difference between my two Scotties is very noticeable. Angus tends to be rather “reserved” in many ways. He doesn’t get toys out to play and he rarely ever gets into mischief. He is, however, hysterical when he *thinks* he is on the trail of something!

Murphy, on the other hand, is affectionate, sweet, full of mischief, but always so very innocent!
Murphy also sticks to me like glue. He is my little boy.

This morning, Murphy found the little doggie sweaters on the floor. First, he grabbed his. It was so cool observing my little buddy…his tail was wagging back and forth like a metronome out of control! He dipped his head up and down, up and down. I could not help but wonder what thoughts were going through his little Scottie mind.

When we visited my mother-in-law the other day, she decided that she would give Angus a little red striped sweater that had belonged to her cockapoo who passed away a few years ago. Now, whenever we mention my mother-in-law to the dogs, we call her “Grandma Cookie”, as she always has lots of treats for the boys.

After Murphy was finished inspecting his little green sweater, he grabbed Angus’ and brought it over….by now, his tail could have kept time to Flight of the Bumblebee! He looked so happy nudging his big brother’s sweater with his nose and wagging his tail! I couldn’t help but wonder if Murphy was thinking about Grandma Cookie to be so brimful of happiness! Perhaps he recognized her scent on the red sweater?

As this was going on, I made such a fuss….

“I hear Big Brother Angus coming!”

Yes, if anything can make Angus come to life, it is hearing his little brother getting accolades for just being CUTE! But, little did Angus know that I already had his toothbrush and toothpaste ready to clean his teeth. Angus doesn’t like getting his teeth brushed!

I snatched him up and gave him a good brushing. Poor Angus sulked a little, then ran and hid in his little pup tent. But wait! Murphy, sensing Angus’ distress, decided to retreat to the tent as well!

Yes, poor frustrated Angus (left) was so annoyed with ME, he forgot to tell Murph HE couldn’t come into the tent! HA! Soooo, Angus told Murphy, “Let’s just hang out here till Mum leaves…that is, takes that blamed camera and just forgets about US!”