Winter is Coming!

Phew! After all of the work of this last week, I am happy to say, today was a PLAY day! I decided I was just going to take things a bit easier and not allow myself to stress about anything!

We took a drive this afternoon to the Chevy garage to take a looksee at what was available. We are thinking of getting a new vehicle, as our truck is aging! We drove a couple of new trucks. One was a barebones Silverado, and the other was a GMC Denali. The GMC was really fancy with its leather and wonderful skylight! The new electronics and gizmos on the new trucks are cool, but the price! Yikes! On the way home, my poor mind felt like it was swimming! I was a bit confused and feeling like someone PARKED a truck on my head!!!

We barely got into the house when I looked outside and saw little white FLAKES in the air! Wow! I guess we got that firewood JUST in time! WeatherBug is telling me it is currently 29 degrees….where did that balmy weather go? Just last night, I left the bedroom window open!

By the way, we did finish up the firewood around noon yesterday. I am so grateful to have completed this task, as there have been more than one year that we have been working in the woods while the snow was falling around us…..

The woods are getting sparse now. Even though the leaves only just turned so beautifully, most of them are now littering the floor of the woods. The winds last night were so brisk, and the fragile stems of the leaves are just too weak to hang on in such gusts. My dream is to have a whole YEAR of autumn…..the colors, the smell, the sun, the very air that we breathe…it all adds up to such a wonderful, but so very, very short time…..