The Firewood Saga Continues

When Murphy and I got up at 6 this morning, I fiddled around, after taking the dogs out…doing dishes and straightening out the house. By 7, there was nothing left to do, so I asked Mark if he wanted to get up so we could finish getting firewood. He was up and ready to go in a matter of seconds!

We had an addition built on the garage last summer. Mark labored over the layout and made several different designs before settling on one. The design he went with was for a big hip roof’ off the back of the garage for our woodshed. The wall is 36′ long, and when all of the wood is stacked, we have close to 12 face cord on that wall. I stack over 6′ in some areas, and only 4′ in others, as there are three windows on that wall. (we make two rows of wood 36′ long)

The side entry to the garage is actually double doors which when fully opened, Mark can drive the ATV and wagon directly into the garage. This makes for easy and fast work!

One of the best (and completely unexpected) benefits of the addition is that it is actually a wind tunnel. Mark discovered that he can sit next to the splitter in the wheelchair and split wood with no fumes in the garage. This worked so well this year, as we still have a little bit of splitting to do, and now we needn’t worry about the weather report!

There are now two rows of wood stacked up and nearly completed. As I look to the left and right, I see BTU’s of heat, and QUITE a savings compared to the propane we would be using if not for the woodstove!

I took these pictures this morning around 9, and I figure by noon, the firewood saga will be history…all of the wood will be split and stacked. Am I happy? You betcha! This seems like such a small task for such great rewards.

Now, off for a cup of hot tea!