Another Perfect Day in the Bristolwood

We had to take a run to town today, so along the way, we stopped at one of the scenic overlooks and took a couple of pictures.

You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day than today. The colors were so intense and the sky so blue…It was close to 70 degrees out and the sun shone brightly the entire day!

Our days have been starting a bit early the past few days, as we are loading the woodshed for the winter. We will be all done in probably about 4 days, thanks to my wild woodcutting tirade last year. Living in 20 acres of woods is great, and when you add a somewhat steep grade to the mix, it means that many dead trees will fall throughout the winter from the weight of ice and snow. These fallen trees are terrific for cutting, as they often lack their bark and are pre-seasoned. No felling trees, no danger worrying about where they will land!

After working hard to get in several loads of firewood, we were pretty tired, and the little trip to town was quite relaxing. Mark got on the ATV to take a look in the woods to assess the rest of the wood we stacked in piles earlier this year. As he came past the house, Angus quizzingly looked out through the railing, wondering where Mark was going without him! Here is a picture I took over the railing of Angus looking out. I love it when the dogs do this…it is so cute!

And finally, although the lighting was buggered up, I took this picture of the boys sitting next to the strawberry pot I filled with begonias this summer. Angus is so good about getting his picture taken. He knows that if he is good and listens, a cookie is always in store. Murphy, on the other hand, is a bit rambunctious. He bounces around and I need to keep telling him to sit and stay. When I said the word “cookie”, Murphy did that little Scottie head cock….

What an enjoyable day this was! Oh, and the reason for the “rush” in getting the woodshed filled is that the weatherman said that we might be “seeing a few flakes in the air” later this week!