Why I Need a New Camera!

Last night I posted that the weatherman was promising a harvest moon. When I got up with Murphy and Angus this morning, *it* was there! As I opened my eyes at 5:28, the room was bathed in streaks of cool white light, shining in through the branches and leaves on the trees.

I grabbed the camera as I went out the door. The air was a brisk 37 degrees, and the light show in the sky, phenomenal! The stars were simply gorgeous! The moon by this time was hanging in the western sky, so I snapped a picture of it through the trees in the front yard. I was so disappointed by how SMALL it looked in the picture. This is truly disproportionate!

I REALLY NEED a new camera. One that does macro AND telephoto….all the way up to the MOON! Now, how do I explain this to Mark?

Just One Picture……

I was looking at my friend Denise’s blog and she has some cool pictures of Lake Erie she posted. That reminded me of one picture that Michelle took when we were visiting Lake Erie this past June.

My brother had to have open heart surgery and we wanted to visit him while he was in the hospital. We found a really nice state park that we could camp at while we were there. Michelle and Ben walked just a few yards from the camper to a large cliff that led down to the lake. What a great place this was…………and what a memory!