Autumn in the Bristolwood

I thought I would take a walk up the driveway with the camera and take some pictures of the beautiful fall foliage. The first picture is taken from the end of the driveway, looking down the road. My favorite maple is in the center of the picture.

This is our big white oak tree that greets visitors with its beautiful orange-colored leaves.

A small maple amid several red oaks up on the east side of the driveway. Many of the red oaks are still green as though trying to ignore the change in the seasons!

And heading up the driveway, there is a tall shagbark hickory that is ablaze in its golden garb. Here are the leaves against the green of a red oak…….

And here is a look at the leaves and the tree top.

In the back of the house, there are several small maple trees and they are really putting on a nice show of color.

Did you notice the intense blue of the skies? It was so stunningly wonderful today. The temperature never made it above 55 here today, but who cares? It was so nice to pull on a warm fleece jacket to go outside and enjoy the colors and SUN!

Every year, I try so hard to “memorize” the spectacular show of colors and scents. Try as I might, it is impossible to get all of the colors right…their intensity and the rich golden honey-colored streaks added by the sun seem to outdo the previous year. The azure color of the sky today was just more than can be described by mere words.
The weatherman said that tonight’s would be a harvest moon. Oh, how magnificant to see that huge globe hung in the night sky.
Intoxicating…the entire autumn experience is just so overwhelming in the Bristolwood, I can scarcely even describe it…….