Here’s Lookin’ At Ya!

Yesterday, as I was bouncing down the stairs with the dogs, I almost landed atop this little critter in the grass…so, I grabbed the camera and said, let’s get some photos! The insect was quite accommodating, posing nicely for the camera. The only problem was that my glasses were broken, so I am still in shock that I was able to get a fairly decent picture!

After doing all the activities of the day, Michelle and I ran off to town to get my glasses repaired. I had lost one of those itty bitty screws that held the left lense in so I was left with a “glass” as opposed to “glasses”! Who ever would have known how vital it is for the eyes to work together as a team? My eyes were burning and sore from all the squinting I was doing to TRY to see up close.

Michelle and I went to a big pond behind Arby’s to catch some peace and quiet. There are always lots of ducks and Canada Geese there. Well, as soon as the duck squad came to greet us, along came the swooping gulls to attack the ducks. The ducks seem rather resilient to the gull attacks, and the Canada crowd retreated into the pond to escape.

Aren’t they a cute bunch?

This morning, I had an 8 am appointment with the dentist. I had to scurry out the door at about 7 to get there in time. As I drove to the other end of our road and down the hill, the sun was just rising. It was so pretty.

I made it to the dentist, got a filling with no novacaine (YAY!!) and was home again by 10:30. After seeing the sun coming up, I thought perhaps it was not going to rain today, but, alas……yet another rainy day. Ah well, the bright colors on the maples make it seem much more cheery than it really is outside!