We had a great time celebrating my parents’ anniversary, although there was also some sad news. My father’s eldest sister passed away Saturday night. She had been living in a nursing home the past several years, and in the past days, refused to eat.

We met at a beautiful restaurant tucked in the hills of the southern tier of New York. The people who own the restaurant also own and operate a maple syrup business, as well as raising turkeys!
The restaurant features all kinds of maple goodies…Mark discovered the joy of maple pepper on his eggs! (he ordered a breakfast!) Although this doesn’t look that big, those plates were made for the Jolly Green Giant!!! Mark said the eggs were the size of OSTRICH eggs!!! And those sausages? They must have been about 6 ounces each!

This restaurant is know for its fabulous food, but it is also decorated so uniquely. Upon entering the premises, the sidewalks outside are cement, with maple leaf silhouettes embedded in them. Once inside, there is a long hall. (filled yesterday….the line was enormous for a Sunday afternoon!) As you procede down the hall, there is a big room to the right with a glass wall. The room is where maple syrup is processed. In the spring, you can actually observe syrup being made! Once seated, above our table was an old fashioned maple bucket light overhead!

We all ate until we felt like crying “uncle!”. The food was so fabulous, and the portions are VERY generous! I had gotten a “Pittsburgh Salad”. This is a salad with hard boiled egg, turkey, tons of cheddar cheese, and french fries! I ate and ate and ate until I could eat no more! I brought home about 1/3 of the salad!

When we finished, I had Ben run out to the truck for the cake I had bought. The GROANS emerged as everyone saw the cake….we were all so stuffed! Here is a picture of my parents after 58 years of marriage!! Don’t they look great?

We had a terrific time, as always! This restaurant is one of our all-time favorite places. It is well worth the trip!

Now, I must mention…you should have SEEN the “odd” family seated just a few tables away……