The Warmth In the Bristolwood

Is being generated by the Jotul woodstove this morning!!! It is damp and dark and gloomy. The sun was here earlier, but is now playing hide and seek!

In the wee hours of the morning, I heard Mark stirring…he had fallen asleep in the electric recliner. Well, the electricity went out and the batteries that are a backup were not strong enough to move the chair. Thankfully, when we bought the chair, it was important to make one arm removable. I took the arm off, and Mark was able to get up out of the chair in the DARK! The electricity has flickered a couple more times this morning…no idea what is going on…

Yesterday, while we were out running around, my mom called and asked if we wanted to join them at a restaurant today to celebrate wedding anniversary number 58! We decided yes, we would! I was so happy Mom called while we were out…she gets so upset when we buy gifts, as she insists they always buy what they need. So, while at BJ’s, I picked up a basic “bouquet”. Then, we dropped by the grocers where I found some leather leaf fern, baby’s breath, and the pretty salmon-colored carnations. I also looked around, TRYING to be creative. I FINALLY found a Melamine “Batter Bowl” to use as the vase. This is really cool….perfect for waffles and pancakes, as it has a pouring spout on it! I also grabbed a pretty cake with pastel salmony roses on it, and had the words “Happy Anniversary Harry and Joanne” written on it! Now, this afternoon….ROADTRIP!

Oh, I know I have shown this Begonia basket before, but this is how it STILL looks this morning! I caught it when the sun made its BRIEF appearance! I found myself enjoying this plant more than all others this summer. I wish I knew how to keep it over the winter as it has become a bit of a FRIEND!

Well, off to get ready. I will be on the lookout for fall foliage, as we will be sweeping through the southern tier.
Have a wonderful Sunday!