So, What Do You Do…..

When the skies are dark and gloomy?

Only one thing! Grab your Scotties and go for a RIDE! The “boys” love going for a ride, and we do, too!

Angus looking up and wondering when we are going to leave for our ride…..
And Murphy, always ready to go for a ride!

The best thing about our pups is that they are perfectly content curling up and taking a nap while we drive. They are such good boys! It is simply amazing how much happiness this little duo brings to our lives!

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  1. Dark and dreary here too yesterday but today the sun is shining, hopefully for a few hours at least!
    They boys are adorable as usual, I can just see your two boys and my two girls on a road trip!
    If Brian even hints to Sassy of going ‘by-by’, she cries the entire time until they leave, they love going by-by.

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