Tree and Pans?

How’s that to pique your interest?

Yesterday morning, I arose to see this pretty tree outside my window. The colors are so bright, it made it look like the sun was shining brightly!

Alas, those beautiful leaves were about the *only* bright spot yesterday! Once the rain began, it didn’t stop all day. The weatherman has advised us that in our area, we received two inches of rain. The ground is so saturated, I think it is groaning from the weight!

Since I didn’t get to take pictures (non-waterproof camera!) I remembered someone commenting on one of my soap lists about cleaning brass with vinegar and salt. Well, I use a paste that I make to clean my Revere Ware pans (copper bottom) , using vinegar and salt. I have done this for many years, and I never fail to get compliments from people….they always ask how I keep my pans so clean.

I make the paste by adding equal amounts of salt and flour. The flour does nothing more than thicken this mix. It keeps the whole blend together! I mix the salt and flour in one of those little disposable plastic dishes until the salt doesn’t “shine” anymore. The flour in the mix also helps to keep the vinegar and salt from reacting together. I then add vinegar….a little at a time, until a nice paste is formed.

If you have copper on your pans, check this out! I use a stainless steel *scrubber* to wash my pans. When using the paste, the chemical reaction causes the copper to nearly self-clean, but I do use the stainless steel scrubbers when there are tough spots. I buy the stainless scrubbers from a local Italian store for $1.19, but Fuller Brush sells them, 6 for $12.98…on “special” now on their website.

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