I So Love The Autumn!

This weather has had me feeling so alive! I just love it when it is chilly and you need to put on a sweater and tug on a pair of socks! The air seems so crystalline and all of the dreadful humidity of summer is just a memory…..

I headed off towards the woods today, but one of the kids called me back. I was a bit disappointed, but I can always take a walk later! I had my camera, as I learned to never walk in the woods without it about three years ago, when I nearly stepped onto a gorgeous little fawn lying on one of the trails. You just never know when you might meet up with a cool critter in the woods. (I nearly forgot the really cute flying squirrel we encountered several years ago when the kids and I went on a walk!)
As I passed the side of the house, I saw a honey bee working away on my Aster plant. I got so excited and took (only) one picture before it flew off. I was so psyched when I saw how well my one picture turned out. You can see all the pollen on his little body…..

I have enjoyed this summer, as I learned about the Wild Sunflowers in my woods….the Wild Asters….now, can you name this flower? It is a pale lavender color…

These are growing out on the back hill behind the house, alongside the Wild Asters and Goldenrod. They look a lot like daisies. As I was getting this picture, what should fly by? Well, it sounded like an aircraft, but upon further inspection, it was a SUPER size Bumblebee. See the flowers above? Well, his body was the same length as the diameter of those flowers. At *least* an inch long. I did get only one picture of the big boy:

I wish I could have gotten this fellow’s profile, but I think you can see how he pretty much fills the entire flower with his exceedingly large body. Unfortunately, (for me) he did NOT want to be photographed, and when he headed towards me, I left his domain rather rapidly!!!!

So, instead of cool autumnal pictures, I once again have BEE pictures! I certainly will try to get some more pictures of our trees over the course of their changing color…..

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