Beautiful Day in the Bristolwood

It all began this afternoon when I looked out the kitchen window and saw that some of the Maples in the back yard were beginning to show some color….

I decided to wander out front to the road and see if our “special” Maple was putting on its fall extravaganza. This tree is REALLY pretty in the fall. And, sure enough, it is beginning to turn.
It is located in the left of the center of the picture, and is pretty reds/oranges at the top.

As I walked back up the driveway, I realized the BEST part of this day was that it was relatively warm, but WILDLY breezy! AND, the sky was BLUE!

I decided to give a birdseye view of the woods that surround us here. Here is one of our ATV trails leading up into the woods.

And the further up the path we go, the prettier it is!

And, if one takes eyes OFF the path, this is what one would see!

It is kind of funny how when you look at something every day, you don’t seem to notice how much it has changed. This was the case as I looked at the tree to the side of the garage. I stood there looking at it, and wondering to myself WHEN did it get so BIG?

Happy Autumn!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!
    I just got back from a walk in our woods and didn’t think to take the camera, I’ll see if I can get back out there tomorrow if it’s nice enough. I found the neatest mushrooms, colorful red and right nearby, bright yellow, would make for some cool photos I think.
    It’s a bit boggy out there from all the rain we’ve been having so I got major soakers, lol

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