Feeling SO Much Better!!!

When I got up this morning, I could not believe how much better I felt! After having a terrible time trying to breathe last night, the contrast between last night and this morning was startling!
I was able to do all of my normal work throughout the day today, and even ran out to do errands.

I wanted to get a shot of my Aster plant I bought…a couple of days ago, it looked like it was going to BURST with flowers, and when I went out today, wow! The picture does no justice. I took it at dusk, and the flash kind of wrecked the exposure. Anyway, the mum behind the Aster looks so cool, as the color is almost the same as the Aster centers.

Earlier in the day, I went out back and saw a little Bumblebee struggling in the pool. It was almost in the very center, so I grabbed a pole and reached in for the little critter. You could tell it was a survivor, as it hopped right onto the pole, looking grateful to be out of the water. I set it down on a goldenrod flower and it sat there for probably 15 minutes. It was so pathetic….It was using its legs to ruffle its “fur”. Even after several minutes, it still looked like a wet teddy bear!

It did make it possible to get a really nice Bumblebee picture!!!