How DOES One Survive a Cold?

Right now, I am seriously thinking this isn’t *really* a cold. I am, after all freezing, then boiling, and feeling generally like someone parked a very large vehicle atop my body. Oh, I shall survive; I guess I am just a wimp when it comes to being sick!

One of my symptoms is that the more I scurry about, I get a little disoriented, feeling like I need to sit down! Having said that, when a little sun came poking through the clouds earlier, I ran out with camera in hand, determined to get a good picture of one of *my* Bumbles on those beautiful Wild Asters. The contrast in color is so breathtaking! So, here it is…..

Well, now that my goal for the day is accomplished, I shall rest.

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  1. Gorgeous picture!
    I sure hope you feel better today K, it does sound like you have a touch of the flu from the symptoms, that stinkies big time, don’t breath on the computer whatever you do, I don’t want to catch the cooties!

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