Sabres Training Camp!

Yes, we went to see the Sabres practice on Saturday, and it was so COOL! Yeah, I guess that statement could be taken more ways than one! It was pretty chilly at the practice, but the action was so much fun to watch that the chill in the air seemed more bearable!
When I heard that the Sabres were going back to the blue and gold jerseys, I was kind of disappointed…they have been sporting red, black, and white for several years, and I really didn’t like the royal blue and gold colors prior. What a pleasant surprise to see that the new blue and gold combo is actually a “blue-black” navy and gold! I really LIKE these new colors!
These pics are some I shot of warmup, the guys s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g, and some play. Now, all of these pictures made me realize that I REALLY “need” a new camera! Hopefully, an SLR…one that I can change lenses, and get lots of closeups from far away….OK, so PINCH me to wake me up! I was green with jealousy as I watch a guy in front of me catching closeups with his Pentax camera….
We were able to watch the practice for about three hours and it sure was exciting. The Sabres lost a few key players this year, so it was thrilling watching the rookies play and speculating how the Sabres “machine” will do this year.