Ooooooo….it’s THAT Time of Year

We are getting so excited, as it is that time of year when the hockey teams are hitting the ice. Taunted as the “hottest game on ice”, we really do love hockey here in the Bristolwood.

Mark played hockey as a kid, and he got to be pretty good, even winning a “Most Improved Player” trophy in high school. Funny thing, he and I talk about growing up as kids (in different areas of NY) and being able to skate on lakes and ponds nearby. Our kids are lucky if it even gets cold enough for puddles to freeze anymore! When I was a girl, we would walk to a pond that was part of an old gravel pit. My dad made a big “plow” on a “push stick” and he would push the snow to the sides so we could skate. We would skate and have fun for hours. Mark tells how he skated on the bay on Lake Ontario. When we pass the bay in even the coldest weather now, it is hard to believe it was cold enough to freeze over. The bay is BIG!

This Saturday, the Sabres (Buffalo NHL team) are having a practice that will be open to the public. We are so excited, as they will be unveiling their new jerseys. Seeing hockey games in person is just so exciting, and seeing the Sabres practice will be great fun!