A Nice Day

Even despite the rain! Oh yes, I think we had better get the plans out for an ARK! Yikes! I woke up this morning, and after taking the boys out to do their thing, I had to brave the rain to backwash some water out of the pool! The rain filled the pool so full, water was splashing out the top of the skimmer. Now I know the skies have been gray and bleak for a few days, but I refuse to complain. We have had more than our share of summers and autumns when the ground was so parched, it was cracking and crying out for water! During those times, we have to get water delivered to fill the well. Somehow, that just doesn’t sit well with me at all.

Speaking of water, the little stream in the front yard was much biger this morning. We went out early this evening, and when we returned, the little stream was raging! As I got out of the car, I told Mark the wind must be blowing really hard….he listened and said, no, it was the stream! While we were gone, we got another good dousing!

As I walked around the house today, I noticed that the trees are beginning to show just a bit of color! Well, some of the maple trees, anyway!

The trees down in the valley from us seem to be changing a little faster than our trees, but then again, many of those trees are softwoods….our woods is almost entirely hardwoods.
I was anxious to get outside for a bit today, as I have been cooped up inside too much! The rain has done wonders for all the plants! They look so big and healthy! I was happy to see my little Aster plant was filled with those pretty purple flowers. I love their “feathery” appearance, and they just look like such happy little flowers with their bright yellow centers.

We visited with our neighbors this afternoon and got a treat, looking at their footage from a recent trip to Alaska. They kept telling us that although the scenery was impressive, it was much more so in person. The vast expanses of wilderness were breathtaking and it made me long to take just such a trip. We saw footage of grizzly bears, orcas, salmon, sea lions, moose, and just all kinds of wildlife that we don’t see here. Earlier this summer, before leaving on their trip, they told us this was their vacation of a lifetime. They both agreed this afternoon that it was just that, indeed! It sure was terrific!