Michelle ran outside the other night to get something from the garage. Suddenly, I hear this ridiculously hysterical scream!!!! Now, we do understand that *sometimes* Michelle does have a tendency to overreact a BIT! (understated!)

I mosied out the back door toward the garage to hear Michelle spewing out, “Eeeeww, eeeewwww, eeeewwww!”

I followed her eyes down to the ground, and what I saw was not “eeeww”, but rather, a quite large, obviously well-fed toad!

As I looked at this toad, I asked HOW she could be frightened of such a CUTE little critter sitting there with a little green leaf atop its head! (if you look closely you can see the green….) I am not sure how you tell a male and female toad apart, but this MUST be a female to have decorated her head….Since the great “toad incident”, I have seen this particular toad several nights and when I see it, it is always accompanied by a little toad. It is always in close proximity of the larger toad….further evience that the larger toad MUST be a female…it looks like the little one is greatly attached to its mama, after all!