Kind of A Weird Day For Us

Last night, my eldest daughter called here to tell us that even though she wanted to come for a visit, she had gotten a call from her mother-in-law that her hubby’s grandmother was not expected to make it through the night. And so, she went with her hubby, mother-in-law and father-in-law to the nursing home to say their “good-byes”. Carly said it was quite hard watching as the frail little woman went through various stages…The family got a call at 2 am that she had passed. All in all, it was OK, as this woman lived and saw more than many people experience in a lifetime. She was, after all, I think 93! She was a bundle of energy most of those years, and she only very recently began to decline in health. Nonetheless, it is always so hard to let go of those we love, and she was loved! The interesting thing about her passing is that her husband had passed away 13 years ago yesterday.

This morning, I was excited to release my Scottie Carrot Calendula Honey Soaps from their molds. They came out beautifully. Here is a picture.

And a closer look….

I bought the Scottie molds from Chase Holding Company, and I am thrilled at the beautiful detail. These soaps come out of the mold the prettiest golden color. I have a Scottie friend from Oregon who loves this soap, and I usually use a bar in the winter. (when I am not using a bar of one of my “sperimental” scents!)

This afternoon, I got a real “hankering” to go visit the “Colonel”…you know, KFC. I like their chicken strip dinner, but my poor belly was revolting and I just could wait no longer. I grabbed some chicken breasts from the freezer and thawed them quickly by placing the plastic bag in warm water. I had bought a bottle of Chipolte Apple Grilling and Glaze that I was excited to use.
I made a (boxed) Jalapeno Cheddar Au Gratin, and as that was baking, I used up the last of a head of cabbage for coleslaw, then grilled the chicken outside. The meal was a hit and that sauce was soooo GOOD! (I am glad to say that, as I bought it as a birthday present for myself, paying a small king’s ransom for it!!) It was about 3 pm by the time everything was done, and somehow, we all parked ourselves in front of the TV to watch a 1968 Julie Andrews movie, called Star! Neither Mark nor I had ever heard of this production before, and we sat and watched for 3 HOURS!!!! Yikes! That is nearly my annual allotment!!! I rarely ever sit and watch TV, but this had so much going on, I was drawn in. The clothing was so cool, and it just was a cute movie.

Soooo…tonight, I am STILL debating about what my purple grape sweater is going to morph into. I am thinking about making a shawl as the yarn is very fine. I have a pretty pattern (Alice Starmore) and I am not sure if I have enough to make a different sweater. Decisions, decisions…
I have NEVER been very good at making them!