Ho Hum….

Yet another ho hum kind of day in the Bristolwood.

It was another kind of gloomy and uneventful day, but I will certainly take those over days when everything is busy to the point that you feel like screaming!

I made a batch of soap today. It is one of my favorites….Carrot Calendula Honey Soap. I tried to jam some of the best “goodies” into one bar, and ended up adding carrot juice, Calendula petals, goat milk, and honey. This makes a nice creamy bar of soap that is very gentle and kind! I don’t add any scent to it, and after curing, the honey lends a bit of a “sweet” scent.

This evening was the highlight of our day…a few weeks ago, Michelle joined a class at the library. It was for kids, and each was given a disposable camera to take pictures of people reading. It turned into a cool project, and each attendee was given release forms to photograph people at the library….(permission to take their picture) Each child was given their pictures a week after the cameras were turned in, and they each used their own pictures to create a collage. I was impressed at their creations.

And yes, you are not seeing things…Michelle did indeed include a pictures of the Scotties…Angus was wearing a pair of reading glasses as Murphy looked on. And, BTW, another girl had a picture of her pet lab also reading! We are NOT alone!!!