Labor Day 2006

Ah yes, Labor Day and it has been dark, gloomy, and chilly in the Bristolwood all day! I am glad we didn’t make any great plans for today since it just was kind of an ugly day all day! I am not complaining, as we had indoor activities that needed attention, and what better way to spend a gloomy day?

I *did* start the day off industriously by making some of Becky’s Cinnamon Rolls! (sorry about the glare from the plate!…oops!) I haven’t made goodies like this in a very long time and it was kinda fun.
We are still trying to dry up after soooo much rain the past couple of days. The ground is really wet and I am thankful that we now have a sidewalk between the garage and the house. It used to be such a mess, trying to clean up after walking through mud…dragging it across the porch and into the house!
This afternoon I saw a pretty Monarch Butterfly, but by the time I made it out the door to try to get a picture, it had flown away. But, I did find a “willing” Ladybug. She was just minding her own business….(I love the colors in this picture!)

It is funny how you get to know different types of insects; I have taken lots of photos of the bumblebees in the goldenrod, but as yet, I have not photographed a honeybee. The honeybees seem to be much more “shy”. The bumbles don’t seem to mind the camera closing in on them, and they rarely even move much as I come near. Today, I only saw a few bumbles out back.

And, speaking of bumblebees……

Yuckie!!!! AS I went out to empty the skimmer of the pool, it was FILLED with dead bumblebees….they were swirling around and around. Would YOU want to put your hand in there? I have no idea why they are ending up in the water, drowning……

Instead of opting for an outdoor picnic, we chose to eat inside where the air was warmer and drier! We had Buffalo wing style chicken breasts, new potatoes with salt and butter, acorn squash with butter and maple syrup drizzled over the top, and “fresh greens” salad with vidalia onion and fresh grape tomatoes.

Hope you had a terrific Labor Day!