A Dark and Dreary Day…..

here in the Bristolwood. It was one of those days when you need to keep the lights on all day, as it was so dark! We got quite the “showers” today! Our curtain drain became a very large puddle from the ground becoming totally saturated.

Angus and Murphy decided it was time to go out, so we leashed them up and braved the continuous streams from heaven. Did the boys mind all that rain falling all over them? Heavens, NO!
Little Murphy soon realized that all those drenched weeds could be used as beard brushes! He merely lowered his head to the ground and “snaked” his way, back and forth, rolling his head from side to side….totally cleaning any “hangers” from his whiskers!
Angus , who always reigns with dignity, seemed so intriqued by the delightful deluge that he left his dignity behind and tried his hand fishing in one of the drainage ditches!

Who knows what Angus thought he might find down there! But be assured, he stared with great intensity, causing *me* to bend down and look…but alas, I saw nothing!

Believe me, it was a chilling rain that was falling around us. I called the boys and told them, “Let’s go in the house!” This command usually means that two little Scottie “waddies” hustle in front of me, running and mounting the stairs with haste, knowing that a cookie awaits their return. Today, however, Murphy looked up as though to say, “Say what?”

I did, indeed, persuade the Scotties that it would be very nice to dry off and snuggle up INSIDE the house. But, before we could do that, we needed to shake out on the porch first. I grabbed a big piece of fleece that we use for a blanket for the boys, and before I could get it placed on the chair, Angus was on the chair, making his “nest” and settling down.

Sooo, since Angus was using the fleece to dry himself off, Murphy decided to use his head to dry off on the wooden deck! Murphy has an undaunted spirit…nothing will dampen his joy in life. When life throws him lemons, he will certainly make lemonade…then, sell it to spread the joy!

The boys are all nice and dry now, snoozing and dreaming about their little adventure today here in the Bristolwood!

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  1. Had to laugh at the beard brushes, Ditzy has a beard too and does the same thing, but she’s not so brave when it comes to rain, lol

  2. Honey-Mutt has the beard too (must be the Terrier in her). She hides when it comes to rain or water. Oreo, on the other hand…my goodness that pup dives right in! Looks like everyone had a great rain-walk, Kae!

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