Whew! Busy Weekend…

This weekend was a lot of busy-ness, but a fun one! Yesterday, Mark and I celebrated our anniversary and today was my birthday. My parents came yesterday to celebrate, and they also watched the kids last evening so Mark and I could go out for dinner. Wow, we haven’t done that in a very long time! We went to Ruby Tuesdays and oh my! What a fabulous salad bar. The offerings were abundant and fresh!!!

Today we took it a bit easier and just went to Canandaigua for a little birthday meal, then shopping at TJMaxx. The funniest part was, my mom, Michelle, and I all went in to look around.

We looked and looked…Michelle wound up trying on three tops, a skirt, and a pair of gauchos. We left the store nearly empty-handed! I made one small purchase…a small Royal Albert Country Rose Vase. That was it! The store was swelled almost to overflowing…much like a woman about to give birth. But, alas, amidst all of the goodies, there were no great finds.
I never thought I would do this, but here is a picture of me with my two babies (with their glow-in-the-dark eyes!!!) I guess I should have “doctored” this pic, but, well, life has been busy!
My brother came with my parents and he is staying for a couple of days. Tomorrow morning, we plan to cut up some firewood. A couple of big trees fell across our trails and really must be removed before we can haul our firewood out. So, that is the first task at hand. It is fun when my brother comes to visit, as we work hard, then play hard!
My mom really enjoyed the “fruits of my labor”…she kept sneaking onto the back deck to partake of my delicious cherry tomatoes! She remarked that the homegrown variety far surpass any maters found in the store! She needn’t tell me, ’cause I cannot keep my fingers off those little red jewels. They are so sweet!!! Next year, I plant to greatly increase my “bucket garden”. And, I have gained some insight as well. I nearly drowned my poor pepper plants, giving them a gallon of water each day. One day, I wondered if perhaps I was overwatering them, as their leaves kept falling off. After cutting back on the amount of water, they are suddenly covered in many little pepperlets!!! My dad was always quite a gardener, and he asked how I got such big pepper *trees*. They each stand about 3 1/2′ tall and the base of each plant is very woody!

Some Cute Pics from Yesterday

I thought I would share some more cute pics from Murphy’s big day. After all, it isn’t every day that a wee laddie marks a big day like his first!

This picture so exemplifies Murphy….”Mum, can I have a cookie?” Oh, and Angus? How did he feel at the advent of this momentous occasion?

Yup…he stayed on Mark’s leg…wearing his little birthday hat…showing no emotion. (can you say SO Scottie!!!!!! What a Scottietude!!!!) But, beware, when I opened the “special” packet of birthday food, IE, Three Dog Bakery’s Special Chicken, Veggies, and Rice Entree, little Angus could be seen *sitting pretty*…….and, yes, I split the packet two ways. The boys loved it!

We are so proud of both of our little Bristolwood Scotties. Even though they will never set foot in a show ring, they are our little champions, giveng far, far more than they ever ask…..

Mur-pha-day Had His First Bir-fa-day!

All righty…WHAT can cause a normal family to get a bit *crazy*? Well, in this family, the answer is…a celebration!!! And, because life is short and celebrations few, we choose to celebrate our Scotties’ birthdays! Yup. Pretty cool, eh?

This is our little birthday boy, er…pup….Murphy, getting a “cookie” for being such a sweet little fellow! Today, he turned one year old, crossing the threshold of puppyhood to that of a bonafide “dog”. Of course, we will never think of him as such…he is our little “boy”. (in a dog suit!)

Today’s tasks included picking up a birthday cake, ice cream, flowers, balloons, doggie cookies, and even a few little party favors from the Dollar Tree! And yes, Murphy’s name was on the birthday cake…even though he only got a wee taste of frosting. He did get a small portion of vanilla ice cream with a Three Dog Bakery Peanut Woofer.

And, yes, we did indeed sit in the dark with our “glowing” glasses from the Dollar Tree, singing choruses of “Happy Birthday” to our little fellow! As I said, we are your average run-of-the-mill family!!! hehehe This is the kids….with Murphy wearing the blue “collar” and Angus the green…

Happy Birthday, our little Murph….and many, many more!

Do You Have a Dream?

Well, I do have a dream, and many people think I am too silly.

You see, my dream is to live in a tiny little house with a very big barn. The barn would be large enough to be divided into many different areas. There would be a place where Mark could work on the vehicles, teaching Ben how to do oil changes, brake jobs, and all the things a young boy would want to learn about. There would be a specific area where Mark could do woodworking.
I would also have areas…soapmaking, sewing, and a craft area. The whole idea of this “dream” is that we could leave the messes behind and not have to clean up like you do when you make a terrible mess in the house. It would not be so critical!

I have had this dream for quite some time. I guess the reason is because I want my home to be picture perfecct! I grow so weary of cleaning and REcleaning over and over and over again to no avail. It would be so perfect to be able to sprawl out and work on a project and not have to figure in the time it takes to clean up afterward. And, just like a regular job, we could go to the barn to accomplish the tasks we have planned for the day. And, my tiny house would remain clean and beautiful…..

Sometimes Lifes Seems So Overwhelming…

There are times when I think I cannot continue breathing….those times when I feel so very overwhelmed and sure that I cannot continue on.

Then, I suddenly become aware of the beauty that surrounds me. Beauty that I neither created, nor had any part in creating. And then, I am in awe of the One who loves me…..

And I fall to my knees and thank Him for giving me a taste of this great big beautiful world that was put here, not for His own pleasure, but that we might enjoy!

And then, once again, I can breathe. And, I say a prayer of thanksgiving…..

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY!

One of our neighbors has a “bit” of damage to the deck on their house….Seems they had one of those BIG “globe” looking bee….wasp….whatever nests under the deck. Well, yesterday, a hole appeared in the deck. There were big splinters of wood strewn on top of the deck, while remains of the nest are on both the ground below, as well as on the deck itself. Upon inspection, the son found black bear tracks in the woods above the house. In looking closely at the hole in the deck, one can actually see some “claw” marks on the wood. Seems the bear found the nest and decided he was hungry YIKES! That caused a bit of a stir in the Bristolwood today, but we knew there were bears about. Another neighbor had called while we were away to warn us that a *visitor* had left their premises and was headed our way. Seems it liked the seed in their bird feeder.

Today, I dragged out my Grape Aran Pullover sweater front that I had knitted a couple of years ago. I misplaced or outright lost the pattern shortly after finishing the front. I have torn the house apart, looking for the pattern, all to no avail. And so, with a fluttering heart, I have resigned myself to the fact that as soon as I find another pattern that I love, I will begin “ripping” my sweater front out. That sounds so awful, doesn’t it?

This pattern is so lovely. It had lace, twisted cables with a bauble in the center, a pretty 3-D grape pattern in the center, then more lace, etc..

This picture shows a closeup of the lace pattern, cable with bauble, and the grapes. It also gives a more true representation of the purple heather color of the yarn. I have not knit since this project. My poor heart was kind of broken by losing the pattern, but I think I shall survive!!! I have a couple of books with lots of Alice Starmore patterns, so I am confident I will find something I love again. It will be good to take up needles and yarn again, as my sweater inventory is getting rather depleted! I love sweaters, wearing them all winter long. The past couple of nights have warranted donning a sweater, and there is just something so comforting about putting on a warm and cozy garment! Perhaps the sad experience of having to take this sweater apart will be the impetus needed to get me knitting once again.

Camera Crazed!

Several years ago, I was pretty good with my Minolta 35mm camera. With the arrival of the digital cameras on the scene, I felt totally lost. To begin with, my computer skills are sorely lacking…I watch Mark use the camera with no problems nor great thought. Me, on the other hand, YIKES! I need to think, rethink, and then think all over again. The difference between Mark’s comfortable intuition and my total ineptness!!!

I have been bound and determined to conquer the camera. I downloaded the manual onto my laptop, so I can read when I am faced with a new challenge! I took a few pictures today. I was so excited to discover that I can get about 1″ away from an object with the “Super Macro setting”! Cool, eh? So, here is the center of a coneflower!

This picture was the result of playing with the “saturation” setting. I was so happy with how it turned out. The color was quite lifelike after I set the setting *way* up!

This was a “weed” I found in a neighbor’s yard. I love that color once again turned out so perfect. It was really difficult taking this picture, because the wind kept the little subject swaying back and forth..

Well, I (obviously) need more instruction with my little camera, but thought I would share a few pictures anyway.

A Gentle Reminder….

What a shock I got when I was awakened at about 4:30 this morning…. See cute little Murphy?
He sure is a cutie, isn’t he?

We love our little Murphy all to pieces. I have made it a point to give Murphy a raw bone about once a week as this is an excellent source for keeping sparkling clean teeth. (King Angus has never been a bone-chewer….he HIDES bones, never to retrieve them again!)

Apparently, last night when I lifted Murphy onto the bed to sleep, he was hiding his highly-prized (albeit greatly reduced from the size in which it was given to him!) treasure in his mouth….I was so exhausted, I never even heard Murphy chewing on the bone! However, when I was awakened at 4:30, I felt the bone!!!!

Can you imagine little pieces of bone “crumbs” under your body? I felt thousands of tiny little shards poking into various parts of my body. I brushed some onto the floor, but as I brushed, it seemed like these annoying little buggers were multiplying!!!

Ah, well. The bedding, including comforter are all in the wash, even as I write. And Murph? Well, does this look like a face that would EVER want to hurt anyone???? Nah!