Aha! What season do you suppose this little plant reminds me of? Yuppers….I just love it when those little holly berries suddenly turn from green to their pretty red color! Yes, the temps are getting cooler at night and in the morning here in the Bristolwood…..

I took the thermometer picture several hours after getting up this morning. Things really are chilling down in the Bristolwood, and I am enjoying the change. Our leaves are still green…we live in a woods made up mainly of hardwoods, so our leaves stubbornly hold out, refusing to change their garb until the frosts come and rob the trees!

A couple of nights ago, we took a ride to a mall that has a special store that sells all kinds of antiques, as well as reproductions of antiques. I picked up three little goodies to add to my tiny Scottie collection. I got a little Boyd glass “box”, the little Scottie that looks so much like Jock from Lady and the Tramp, and a comical little Scottie from Department 56. I was told the artist that did the Dept. 56 Scottie lives not too far away from us. I just fell in love with that whimsical little Scottie, dressed in green with the large ruffle about her neck!

I began grooming little Murphy last night. He is so nervous about the clippers, so I end up trimming so much around he ear with blunt-tipped scissors. I decided after taking the fellow out for his morning “constitution”, I was going to complete his haircut!!! I had cut his eyebrows last week, but I cut them WAY too short! Ah well, they will grow back quickly.
Late this afternoon, we decided to take a drive to an outlet mall not too far away. We did some serious shopping…I actually bought a couple pair of jeans, anticipating the purchase of an ATV later in September. (I have been anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the 2007 models. ) As we were shopping, the sun began to set and I so wanted to photograph it. We rushed to the truck, and Mark drove away from the shopping mecca so we could take pictures without all of the buildings in the foreground. The perfect ending to a day…..

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  1. And here I thought I was the only one making Bill drive around to get the perfect spot to take the picture… You know, one without buildings, telephone poles or wires in the foreground! 🙂 Great pics, Kae! And, Christmas is coming!

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