Murphy’s New Nightshirt

As I posted last night, Murphy has a new little nightshirt! I must say that Michelle didn’t spend a whole lot of time on this garment, as I think perhaps she knew Murphy wasn’t going to be too excited about it….

Upon completion, Michelle raced into the room, proudly holding up her newly formed masterpiece! Now, I will admit, I was impressed, as she had no pattern. Michelle has always been very creative, however, and all of her young life, she has never failed to impress me with creativity.
So, was **Murphy** impressed? You be the judge…….

Yup, as soon as the little shirt was on, Murphy hid his big face! He immediately THREW himself on the pillow, striking a most “I am SO depressed” pose. Not even the mention of a “cookie” would get his attention. Poor little forlorn Scottie Dog!

Somehow, I finally was able to coax the little pup to sit up to model his new duds. Again, I ask, does THIS look like a happy little Scottie Dog to YOU? Alas, I took great pity upon my little laddie and removed the offending garment. And, did I get a big “Thank You!”?

I don’t think so! Instead, I am convinced he is lying there thinking about HOW to get out of EVER wearing that cute little nightshirt….EVER again!!!!