Watching Summer Come to a Close….

I remember telling my mother several years ago, that the trees and greenery all seem to attempt one last “hurrah” during the closing weeks of August. It appeared to me that all the greens were making a courageous effort to try to avert the changing of the colors that were inevitable. My mom said she never really noticed….I still stand by my theory. It seems like colors are so very intense during these fence-sitting days. Not much summer left, but autumn has not made its entrance, either. Perhaps it is just the fact that the sun is again lowering in the southern sky, casting that beautiful golden hue on all that happens to cross its path.

There is nothing like sleeping with the windows open this time of the year. The air seems almost intoxicating, and the cooler temps bring on a more restful slumber. I love the cricket choruses arising from down the hill, and the tree frogs joining in is so cool. Ah yes, I am anxious to say adieu to the heat and humidity. My only desire is that the autumnal colors would linger far longer than they do!

Today, Michelle decided she wanted to sew something. I am greatly ashamed that I have never taken the time to teach her the basics in sewing. However, I was startlingly amazed at her skill in reading through the pattern! She was given a fairly simple pattern, along with some fabric to make a nightshirt. I gave her (very) basic instruction about making sure that the top of each piece was oriented in the same direction. What followed pleased me and made me happy to know that Michelle is capable of reading directions and following them without interpretation!
Perhaps the fact that she has spent many hours with the computer, doing schoolwork, has paid off…The fact that she is able to work alone and is motivated to complete her project is satisfying!

OK….yes, there are Scotties on the fabric. And, NO, I did NOT purchase it!!! Carly, are you there??? Oh, and one brag? The sleeves on the nightshirt were plain and hung down straight. They were quite large. I told Michelle I could show her later how to form a casing so she could insert elastic in the sleeves, forming a “bell-shaped” sleeve. Well, as I was preparing dinner, didn’t she take it upon herself to make the casings and create her own version of my suggestion?

Shortly after completing her first garment, Michelle went on to make the puppy a wee little nightshirt. It was so funny, and I was quite impressed to see that she even cut out little facings for around the neck! She is so much fun! Don’t tell Murphy that, though….he “froze” when the nightshirt was lovingly placed on his little body. He just rolled his eyes as though going along with the nonsense, but not really *liking* it!

Today was a very slow-paced Monday, and for that, I am grateful! Every now and then, we all need a little break!

One of the surest signs of the autumn coming are the mums. They are beginning to bloom in shades of rust, orange, and dark red. I love their colors…they look so pretty when the leaves begin to fall and they blend in with their surroundings. I bought an aster when we went to the market on Saturday. It is planted and I hope it does well. I was so disappointed that the ones I had planted two years ago never came back up again, but as I planted the new addition, I noticed that there WAS a scraggly little aster plant coming up! Funny, it wasn’t there last year!(guess it was sleeping!)

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  1. Wow! she did a terrific job!
    Fall is definitely in the air here, my mom had leaves falling like crazy.
    I’m going to have to shut the windows tonight, it’s already getting chilly in here, wah!

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