So, Here Are the Pics From Today…

I figured if I waited a bit, then tried to post these, Blogger would FINALLY let me post them. And, yes, they did! Here is a picture of one of the ponds hidden in the woods on the trails we explored earlier today.

Here is another view. Mark was really encouraged when he saw these, because he can ride his ATV on the paths, being able to go around the ponds. He so misses being able to hike and explore new areas. It is kind of weird how we don’t really notice how hard it is for disabled people to enjoy new things unless we know or live with a person who is disabled and they convey this to us…Mark is always looking at inventions other disabled people have crafted. In a world where we take walking for granted, when one loses the ability to walk, it really causes a great deal of stress. For the first three or four years after Mark suffered a spinal cord injury, he never went inside a store. He was just so bummed at the thought of using a wheelchair to get around. Life was tough….Now, he uses the chair. but oftimes feels very uncomfortable using it. The ATV gives him a new freedom that causes him to be on equal ground with “walking” folks. The bad news is that most people think of half-crazed kids doing donuts and driving like madmen on ATV’s. Because this is the general concensus, folks like Mark suffer….he would love it if he could get a special permit to be able to drive the ATV on the small roads nearby. He longs to ride next to the kids as they ride their mountain bikes. No way. In most states in the US, ATV’s are equated to trouble, or troublemakers. How sad…if we lived in the city, Mark could drive a handicap “scooter” on the sidewalk. Being handicapped is such a double whammy….so much insult in the form of injustice is added to the injury suffered…..

On a happier note, here are some pretty flowers I found growing near the pond.

Covered Lots of Miles Today!

Today was a rather busy day, and we seemed to relax and enjoy!

The kids usually sleep in on Saturday morning, but since they called it a night early last night, I thought I would get them up early and take them to McDonald’s for breakfast. Ben loves the Big Breakfast, and it is a treat for him. So, we went out the door and off. After McDonald’s we stopped by Tim Horton’s for a bagel for Michelle and me.

The family was invited to a birthday party for Michelle’s friend (our neighbor) this afternoon and into the evening. So, after breakfast, I wanted to take a run to a big farmer’s market several miles away. It is a big market, featuring many goods made by Mennonites and Amish. I haven’t been in quite some time. I had a good time walking around and seeing all the goodies. I only bought a tote made with the “faithful companion” print, featuring a Scottie on it.

On the way home, I stopped at a small farm stand and bought a seedless watermelon, a head of cabbage, and a quart of roma tomatoes. I intend to try to make Mark some good sauce for pasta with the maters! (hi Becky!!!) Oh, I am going to add some from my plant, too!

After the market, we headed back to take the kids to the party. The neighbors were graciously understanding when I explained that I had been having some problems with breathing and said the kids would be fine. left their without us…Their son was looking forward to playing with Ben, so that was cool! Mark and I dropped the kids off, and decided to try another one of those great state trails set aside for the handicapped…..

We decided to check out some roads that were located in the higher land. We entered, following one trail that was about 1 1/2 miles. It was very nice, but there wasn’t a whole lot to see. Then, we went on another trail that was fabulous. We spent about 2 hours driving on roads through the woods. It was so pretty, and we came upon a couple of beautiful ponds and marshes. I had some pictures, but Blogger is being a BEAR tonight! Anyway, this land was cool, and there are lean-to’s located in the woods…one must get a “camping permit” to sleep overnight in these. I guess I would be a real chicken doing that, but the concept is cool. I think I would need at least a “cabin” to spend the night where I know there are foxes, coyotes, bears, and other things that go “bump” in the night!!!!

After our expedition, Mark and I decided to have a quiet little dinner, so we went off and ate. After this, it was nearly 8pm, so we decided to head out to grab the kids. The neighbors had the party at their lake home, which isn’t too far away. Needless to say, the kids had a ball! They love parties, and this one was so much fun! It is just so hard to think that our kids were so little just “yesterday”. Time sure flies….

We got home well after dark, and it was a rather full day! Many end-of-summer memories, and just a fun day all the way around! I actually feel much better…not sure if being out of the house all day made me feel better or not, but it sure was nice!