Good Grief!

I nearly forgot to post a picture of my lovely new Scottie quilt! This isn’t the greatest picture, as it is so hard to get a picture of the bed. The wall at the end of the bed has a steep slope, so tis a bit tough. The big pillow behind the little Scottie shaped pillow was hand-crafted for me by a soap-maker. We had a gift exchange one May, and my person made a custom pillow with an embroidered Scottie on it! The little Scottie pillow is one Ben won in one of those “claw”

machines. He had walked into a grocery store, and spotted the Scottie….he just HAD to win it for Mom…he spent $2.00, but walked out grinning from ear to ear as he handed it to me!

This its the time of the year when the days begin to come to an end earlier and earlier…I treasure these shorter days when I can go to my little “refuge” and just enjoy the glow of a pretty candle lighting the room.

And so, from my little refuge to yours, have a good evening!

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  1. I thought I commented on this already, now I’m not sure, LOL! maybe I dreamed about your quilt last night, hehehehe
    that is cool! love the coloring of that candle pic, gorgeous.

  2. Hmmmm….nope, you only said you wanted to see the quilt! hehehehe
    Perhaps you did dream about it!

    When I lit the candle last night, it was just dusk, but in the picture, it looked light outside. It was pretty dark in the room.
    Thank you for the comment…only wish my room wasn’t such a MESS!

  3. You think that’s messy???!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh dear! you really don’t know what messy is, if I had enough courage, I’d show you, *GRIN*

  4. Oh brother! Okay, I have a confession…Kyle and I were at the store tonight and I tried to get a Scottie out of one of those claw machines for you…different than the one you have though. I like the quilt even though I still think you’re obsessed!

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