Another Day…

With nothing exciting to talk about! Oh, wait, I did receive my new Scottie Dog quilt from Dillard’s today! What is so exciting about that (other than the fact that it has Scotties on it!) is that there isn’t a Dillard’s anywhere near here! Someone on one of the Scottie lists alerted everyone about these quilts, but the online store was out of them. It stated to “contact your local Dillard’s”. When I put in my zip, it said there was NO Dillard’s. I got wise and used a “western” zip code, and it came up with several store listings. So, last Friday I called seven different stores, all saying they either had no bedding, or the quilts were sold out. Finally, on store number eight, I got lucky! The woman said they were actually in the kid’s department. I patiently awaited her return to the phone, and when she did, she said they had a full/queen size as well as a twin size. I told her I would take BOTH! To make this long story short, the quilts both arrived today…WOW, that was fast!!! I will take pictures in the daylight tomorrow and show off my new quilt! (the twin size one will be used as a “throw”)

This morning, when I opened my eyes, they fell upon a pretty little flower arrangement in my new Royal Albert Country Rose vase.

I love flowers, especially where I can see and appreciate them. This is a simple arrangement of just carnations and baby’s breath. But I love the color of these carnations. Speaking of flowers, I bought a bunch of autumn colored flowers for my father-in-law’s grave. I had made a “patriotic” arrangement in May for Memorial Day, but wanted something new. Mark said he thinks they only allow flowers until the early fall, so he told me perhaps I should just keep them. I had spent quite a bit for the May arrangement, buying them at a craft store. This time, while in the local Dollar Tree with the kids, I really loved the autumn colors. I bought five different “bush” type flowers and intermingled them. The result was pretty, and to top it off, the Dollar Tree even had a wired ribbon that matched!

This afternoon, I did take one really cool picture. Still scratching my head, wondering how I avoided getting stung, though! (I was actually about 1″ from Mr. Bumble!)

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  1. Hi Mom! You got a Scottie quilt? You are going to get lost in your bed between your Scottie PJ’s, Scottie sheets, Scotties, and now a quilt? WOW!


  2. I can’t wait to see the quilts, lovely flower arrangements and the bees look awesome on coneflowers don’t they, great job! : )

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