Funny Things…Telephones!

As I was lying on the bed, trying to just relax after a somewhat busy day (note I did not exactly say *industrious* day), my little cell phone began to ring. Feeling so tired, I was not motivated to answer, but far be it from me to ever leave a ringing phone to its own devices….

I rolled over and plucked the little phone from its pouch in my purse. I glanced down and saw my eldest daughter’s name on the face of the gadget. Opening the phone to answer, I greeted her, “Hello?” Nothing….nada….hmmmmm, what is *wrong* with my cell phone? I look at the phone and see that it says we are “connected”. Connected? WHY can I not hear her? I am beginning to feel a little perturbed when I suddenly hear her voice loudly hailing me from my PURSE! The lightbulb goes off….

I keep my Bluetooth headset inside of a soft leather change purse inside my purse. Apparently, something leaned against the change purse, causing the headset to “activate”. Once I realized what was happening, I answered the call, and the two of us giggled and laughed for quite some time!!!

That same cell phone caused us to have a somewhat disturbed night’s slumber one night last winter. Angus was curled up, sleeping soundly near my feet on the bed, as he was use to doing.
I had spoken on the phone earlier, and when I hung up, I apparently accidentally hit the volume button located on the side of the phone, causing it to go into “vibrate” mode.

Oh my! Someone called, and the phone began vibrating loudly. At first, being somewhat rudely awakened, I was more asleep than awake! Not Angus!!! That poor little fellow equated that vibrating phone with the evil clippers that are used to groom him into the handsome little Scottie he is! Being a true diehard, Angus decided the *best* decision for his well-being was to bail off the bed and onto the floor…abandon the sleeping quarters at all costs, to escape the clipper-like noise!!! BTW, just for fun, if you have a phone with the “vibrate” mode, place it into vibrate mode, then plop it onto the mattress on your bed. It seems like the structure of the mattress causes the vibrating phone to turn into an unbridled MONSTER! At least to a 20 pound Scottie Dog! (also make sure the house is VERY quiet before attempting this!)

And then, of course, there was Baby Michelle….I had spent some time talking on the telephone, once again talking to the eldest…Michelle was a little baby. I think she was about 4 months old.
After talking on the phone, I quickly rushed off to the bathroom for a quick bath. I raced about, propping pillows all around the baby, feeling she was safely “nested in” whilst I took my bath.

I came back after my hurried bath to find little Michelle staring at the telephone, which was now nearer her. As I grabbed it to replace it on its cradle, I was in awe that there was a voice talking on the phone! It seems my little baby girl had accomplished her very first phone call at the tender age of 4 months, by hitting the redial button! As her older sister spoke to her, Michelle answered in little baby gurgling sounds!

And so, as you can observe, telephones in this house are just another of those “necessary evils”!

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  1. Back before cell phones…I had a pager. I would always turn it on and lay it against my sleeping “brother” (dad’s chocolate lab”). It was quite a game!

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