Some Cute Pics from Yesterday

I thought I would share some more cute pics from Murphy’s big day. After all, it isn’t every day that a wee laddie marks a big day like his first!

This picture so exemplifies Murphy….”Mum, can I have a cookie?” Oh, and Angus? How did he feel at the advent of this momentous occasion?

Yup…he stayed on Mark’s leg…wearing his little birthday hat…showing no emotion. (can you say SO Scottie!!!!!! What a Scottietude!!!!) But, beware, when I opened the “special” packet of birthday food, IE, Three Dog Bakery’s Special Chicken, Veggies, and Rice Entree, little Angus could be seen *sitting pretty*…….and, yes, I split the packet two ways. The boys loved it!

We are so proud of both of our little Bristolwood Scotties. Even though they will never set foot in a show ring, they are our little champions, giveng far, far more than they ever ask…..