Mur-pha-day Had His First Bir-fa-day!

All righty…WHAT can cause a normal family to get a bit *crazy*? Well, in this family, the answer is…a celebration!!! And, because life is short and celebrations few, we choose to celebrate our Scotties’ birthdays! Yup. Pretty cool, eh?

This is our little birthday boy, er…pup….Murphy, getting a “cookie” for being such a sweet little fellow! Today, he turned one year old, crossing the threshold of puppyhood to that of a bonafide “dog”. Of course, we will never think of him as such…he is our little “boy”. (in a dog suit!)

Today’s tasks included picking up a birthday cake, ice cream, flowers, balloons, doggie cookies, and even a few little party favors from the Dollar Tree! And yes, Murphy’s name was on the birthday cake…even though he only got a wee taste of frosting. He did get a small portion of vanilla ice cream with a Three Dog Bakery Peanut Woofer.

And, yes, we did indeed sit in the dark with our “glowing” glasses from the Dollar Tree, singing choruses of “Happy Birthday” to our little fellow! As I said, we are your average run-of-the-mill family!!! hehehe This is the kids….with Murphy wearing the blue “collar” and Angus the green…

Happy Birthday, our little Murph….and many, many more!