Do You Have a Dream?

Well, I do have a dream, and many people think I am too silly.

You see, my dream is to live in a tiny little house with a very big barn. The barn would be large enough to be divided into many different areas. There would be a place where Mark could work on the vehicles, teaching Ben how to do oil changes, brake jobs, and all the things a young boy would want to learn about. There would be a specific area where Mark could do woodworking.
I would also have areas…soapmaking, sewing, and a craft area. The whole idea of this “dream” is that we could leave the messes behind and not have to clean up like you do when you make a terrible mess in the house. It would not be so critical!

I have had this dream for quite some time. I guess the reason is because I want my home to be picture perfecct! I grow so weary of cleaning and REcleaning over and over and over again to no avail. It would be so perfect to be able to sprawl out and work on a project and not have to figure in the time it takes to clean up afterward. And, just like a regular job, we could go to the barn to accomplish the tasks we have planned for the day. And, my tiny house would remain clean and beautiful…..

Sometimes Lifes Seems So Overwhelming…

There are times when I think I cannot continue breathing….those times when I feel so very overwhelmed and sure that I cannot continue on.

Then, I suddenly become aware of the beauty that surrounds me. Beauty that I neither created, nor had any part in creating. And then, I am in awe of the One who loves me…..

And I fall to my knees and thank Him for giving me a taste of this great big beautiful world that was put here, not for His own pleasure, but that we might enjoy!

And then, once again, I can breathe. And, I say a prayer of thanksgiving…..