Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY!

One of our neighbors has a “bit” of damage to the deck on their house….Seems they had one of those BIG “globe” looking bee….wasp….whatever nests under the deck. Well, yesterday, a hole appeared in the deck. There were big splinters of wood strewn on top of the deck, while remains of the nest are on both the ground below, as well as on the deck itself. Upon inspection, the son found black bear tracks in the woods above the house. In looking closely at the hole in the deck, one can actually see some “claw” marks on the wood. Seems the bear found the nest and decided he was hungry YIKES! That caused a bit of a stir in the Bristolwood today, but we knew there were bears about. Another neighbor had called while we were away to warn us that a *visitor* had left their premises and was headed our way. Seems it liked the seed in their bird feeder.

Today, I dragged out my Grape Aran Pullover sweater front that I had knitted a couple of years ago. I misplaced or outright lost the pattern shortly after finishing the front. I have torn the house apart, looking for the pattern, all to no avail. And so, with a fluttering heart, I have resigned myself to the fact that as soon as I find another pattern that I love, I will begin “ripping” my sweater front out. That sounds so awful, doesn’t it?

This pattern is so lovely. It had lace, twisted cables with a bauble in the center, a pretty 3-D grape pattern in the center, then more lace, etc..

This picture shows a closeup of the lace pattern, cable with bauble, and the grapes. It also gives a more true representation of the purple heather color of the yarn. I have not knit since this project. My poor heart was kind of broken by losing the pattern, but I think I shall survive!!! I have a couple of books with lots of Alice Starmore patterns, so I am confident I will find something I love again. It will be good to take up needles and yarn again, as my sweater inventory is getting rather depleted! I love sweaters, wearing them all winter long. The past couple of nights have warranted donning a sweater, and there is just something so comforting about putting on a warm and cozy garment! Perhaps the sad experience of having to take this sweater apart will be the impetus needed to get me knitting once again.