Getting To Know You!

Blogging has become so much fun that I have begun to cherish these few minutes I have to myself to share a bit of my beloved Bristolwood! In the process, I have marveled at the beauty of some of the pictures I have seen others take as I look at their blogs. So, late last night, I went to and downloaded the manual for my camera. I have saved it to my desktop, so now I can look up info whenever I need to! (my camera didn’t come with the complete manual…all 268 pages!)

I have now decided that perhaps my photos have been looking a bit faded and washed out. I read through part of the manual, learning about sharpness, contrast, and saturation and how to adjust the settings using the (gadzillion) buttons, bells, and whistles! Since I am a “hands on” type of learner, I have been *quizzing* myself…setting and resetting the controls! I didn’t actually take many pictures as I was TRYING to make the changes in the settings become more “intuitive”. Short of a brain transplant, I may not be able to retain all that I learn…I am so in awe of how Mark can read through an instuction manual and just do things. And, that is WHY he is a mechanical engineer who frequently inquires of me how to spell some of the simplest words!!
I spent every spare moment with my camera today, and I think I may be understanding it. Or, beginning to! I did a “retake” of the solar lamp, toad house, and coneflowers, and compared to the photo from a couple days ago, I think it is a much better exposure!

I completely forgot to finish my Scottie soap mold; I guess tomorrow is another day! Thankfully, I DID remember to fix dinner. It was tough, but I did do it!!!

This is my “science diet”, because I really do have it down to a science! Takes about 45 minutes.

  • I preheat the grill
  • As grill preheats, I rush inside and cut a hunk off a head of cabbage. Then, grate the cabbage and carrots. (using large grater for capusta (cabbage) and smaller one for carrots)
  • The above takes about 5 minutes…at this point, put marinated (all day in fridge) chicken on grill on “high”.
  • Run back into house and make the dressing for coleslaw.
  • Add dressing to slaw, then refrigerate. No need for plastic wrap….it needs to only chill
  • Run to the basement and grab that 5 pound bag of Bird’s Eye green beans from Sam’s. Take upstairs. Heat 1/2 stick of butter in 2 quart saucepan (I use Revere Ware) and then add garlic, or (if out of garlic) garlic powder. As soon as butter is melted and garlic stirred in, add green beans to pan, filling completely. Leave covered on stove on low until chicken is ready.
  • Turn chicken down to “low” setting and go sit for awhile!
  • When chicken is no longer pink, grab off grill onto serving plate, put beans in serving bowl, and grab coleslaw from fridge.
  • Watch everyone’s face light up!!!!

While I was sposed to be “sitting”, as noted above, I enjoyed my (prolific) cherry tomato plant. I love that plant, but hardly any of its offerings have made it past the porch. I grab them and eat them as they ripen!!! I have shared (a few) with Mark….

Fiddlin’ Around Today

This was one of those days that I did a lot of things but have nothing to show for all of the effort! When I got up this morning, I began thinking that I had wanted to make a soap mold of a Scottie head. (heaven forbid the day I discovered Ooomoo….) Poor Mark thinks I have kinda lost my bearings sometimes, but I just love makin’ things! Here is a picture of three soaps I have made from my own molds already.

(note to self) Do NOT photograph light colored soaps on a WHITE towel!!! The soap on the left is a “Scottie Angel”. I usually pour up one of these whenever I make a batch of soap. I made this mold when Ruth (whom I wrote about previously when she lost two Scotties in less than a week) lost her Seamus last year. The center soap is a lime soap with a cameo of a Ceskie Terrier. I still have hopes of one day owning one of these dogs. They are very similar to a Scottie, but generally more laid-back. And, the soap on the right is a mold I made of a Scottie head that is one BIG chunk of a soap! The two Scottie soaps were actually rectangles that I used a knife to cut the angles on the bars. I really like the way they turned out. They are supposed to be Lavender Swirl bars, but came out more like “Lavender Marble”!

So, this morning I sat down with my Sculpey clay and began playing. When the family got up, I had to put my clay aside…

We took the truck into the garage for a diagnosis and estimate. While they took a look at the truck, we went to the bank, then drove a few miles up the road to grab Chinese for lunch. We got a call from the service people…the truck looks like it needs some big $$$ repairs. We picked up the truck and drove it home, giving it a good and thorough cleaning up. Mark got online and found that he could do the repairs himself for a fraction of the price. What to do, what to do???

Ben called a little friend, and he came over for a visit. The two boys played in the pool and Ben and I killed about 16 horseflies! Those big old flies come around every year about this time, dive bombing anyone in the pool and making everyone shudder at the thought of one of them landing on them! They are so big and gross!!!! After the pool, the boys warmed themselves back up in the hot tub.

Like I said, busy day, but nothing to show! Well, OK, the truck looks like new and is sparkling in the driveway! In the midst of all the busy-ness, I also washed, folded, and put away a couple of loads of laundry. And, got a terrible tension headache! Thank heavens the Chinese restaurant always gives enough food for a couple of meals. I was too tired to cook!

Hopefully, I will be able to finish up my Scottie head tomorrow so I can make another Oomoo mold. Does anyone have any idea WHY I keep making MORE projects for myself?