Just a Few Pictures

I tried to post these last night, but Blogger just wasn’t cooperating…..

Pretty Birdsfoot Trefoil that is growing all along the road down by the mailbox, and along the driveway.

I bought the little solar light a few years ago, telling the kids it was for the toads so they could see at night. Well, Michelle decided that if the toads were going to hang out at the light for their dinner, they might as well have a house, too. So, we bought this pot at WalMart, and she placed it “just so”. It has since become part of the garden, as it is quite “broken”! This is just one of those little things that evokes good and warm memories when I see it!

Just a pretty little bird’s eye view of the lake from the neighbors’ home. Pretty, isn’t it? And, one of the first times in many days that you can actually see the lake!