A Trip and A Concert

Last night, we decided that we would travel to Bemus Point, NY, to see the Mark Schultz concert. (it was *only* a mere 320 mile round trip, after all!)

I was up at 6 am, packing a cooler and getting ready to make the trip. We were off by a little after 8:30. We had called the sponsoring church office late last week, and the secretary there advised us that they were expecting “several thousand” people traveling from near and far. Yikes! That was enough of an impetus to help us arrive early for the concert! It was scheduled for 2:30 in the afternoon, so arriving at 11:30, as we did, we were able to more or less find a good spot to enjoy.

I snapped a picture of the floating stage before the band began their sound check. It really is cool….the “stage” is over the water and folks can gather around in their boats, as well as those on shore to enjoy a concert. By the time the concert began, there were boats EVERYWHERE! And, we will not even talk about all the people surrounding us! Mark figured there were probably about 5,000 in attendance. The day was a bit warm, but the breeze coming off the lake made it possible to sit through the concert without going into “meltdown”! The town allowed a street (a rather busy one, at that) to be closed off during the concert, making more room for people to set up their lawn chairs. The area magically turned into a sea of folding camp chairs in every color imaginable!

The concert was a real treat and we were so happy we made the decision to attend. With Mark being in a wheelchair, events like this could quickly turn into a disaster, but we truly had a good time this afternoon.

After the concert, we stopped for an hour or two to visit my parents, then headed on home. Sometimes it is hard going back to the area where I grew up….so many memories….so many changes! I am always happy to go, but it is also so good to get back home to the Bristolwood!!!