Here and There

This morning when I went out to water my gardenonthedeck, I rubbed my eyes in disbelief! What did I see? Can you see it? YES! One of my tomatoes on the laden plant is actually *blushing*! I got so excited, I just had to take a

This afternoon, we decided to take the Explorer to WalMart for an oil change. With a name like Tire and Lube Express, we figured we would be right in and out. YIKES! Were we in for a BIG surprise! I went in to give our info, then Mark and the kids went inside the store to do some shopping. I stayed in the car with the Scotties, as this has more or less become a “tradition”.

Today was a beautiful day compared to the horribly sweltering heat we have had. It was a nice day, not too warm, but as we sat in the car, the dogs began panting, and I felt too warm. I decided that since we were in for a long wait (about 1 1/2 HOURS!) I would take the Scotties over to McDonalds and grab them a treat. They never get “junk food”, but I decided to spoil them rotten and get them each a plain hamburger. I also got myself an M&M McFlurry. We drove back to WalMart and sat for a bit before eating out treats.

Angus was much more interested in what was happening outside the car than eating a burger!

I finally HAD to eat that (now nearly melted) McFlurry…Murphy lustily watched me guiltily gulp the thing down…I haven’t felt so guilt-ridden since my kids were little! As soon as I finished, he grabbed the spoon and was on it like a fly on honey!!!! YIKES, the wee wonder(blur)caught a whiff of the burgers in the bag…..
To say Murphy was *inquisitive* would have been putting things FAR too mildly. He could hardly contain himself, anxiously awaiting my inserted hand to pull out the delectable morsel!!!

As soon as my hand was out of the bag, Murphy decided he would “help” poor old Mumsy by snapping the burger from my hand! He did finally concede and allow the wrapper to be removed. I nearly lost my digits, though! After the boys finished eating (Angus daintily finished HIS burger without incident. After all, royalty must show a little restraint…it would not do well for King Angus to inhale his kibble like a commoner!)

After the eating fiasco, the car began to heat up again…still awaiting the car to go in to have its transfusion of new lifeblood! The Scotties got a little restless, even to the point where my dignified Angus forgot his manners and began growling and trying to instill fear into little sparrows as they flitted in the parkng lot! So, what to do with Naughty Scotties? Why, you throw….well, no ….PLACE them into a shopping cart! This maneuver was good for several smiles and chuckles from passers-by! Phooey, I tried uploading a picture of the two, but have been unsuccessful after several attempts. Perhaps tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we are off to Bemus Point, NY to see a (FREE!) concert by Mark Schultz! I am so excited! The concert is being held on Chautauqua Lake, literally! In Bemus Point, they have what is called the “floating stage”. Mark Schultz weaves the most beautiful stories into his music. One of my very favorite songs ever is called Letters From War. The first time I heard this song, my heart sank, and I thought it was just another very sad song. In the end, there is a “twist”, however, and it is such a great song!