What a Difference!

Ah, when I got up this morning, I literally *hopped* out of bed, feeling better! Amid conflicting reports, the weather here is MUCH more bearable thus far. At 74 outside, much of the humidity has “blown away”. Really! The wind blew like crazy here last night. Since a picture says it best, here is a picture of our road once again. As you can *see!*, much of the haziness is gone, compared to the picture I put on yesterday’s post. The sun was coming over the hill, so the brightness is actually the sun on the trees.

I took the camera out this morning and tried taking some closeups of flowers. Thank you, Becky(http://beckyshideout.blogspot.com/) for advising me to reread the manual for my camera! The little manual I got with the camera is about useless…I need to read the manual online. Anyway, I went to Mark and he sat and explained a lot to me about the workings of the camera. It seems it is a complicated little bugger!!! Anyway, I was really pleased with a couple of the pictures!

Yes, I know these flowers were not planted by me, but their beauty is stunning. I always thought God planted wildflowers here and there just for our enjoyment!

Here are my black-eyed susan’s. I took this picture from the front porch, looking down. They were planted the year before last, and this year, they really took off!

Regarding the conflicting reports….on the radio, they are calling for a high temp of about 90, with more humidity. Weatherbug, on the contrary, calls for highs in the mid-80’s, with less humidity. Now, all things considered, which report would you believe?