More About The Wind Generators

Well, I have decided to add some pics of the turbines we photographed and let them speak for themselves. We understand that Governor Pataki is pressing for more “green power”, IE, power from clean sources such as wind turbines. Many folks are opposed, because they feel that groupings of these (VERY large) structures becomes unsightly. To others, these stand as a symbol of American ingenuity and independence. I must admit, I was fascinated by the stands of these, feeling almost like a kid watching pinwheels spinning….

Ben is about 5 feet tall, so you can see this “tube” for a tower is BIG!

This is the junction where the “blades” fit in.

Big blades!!!

The backside of the “mill”, behind the blades. Kind of like a big room where work can be done in the event of a problem with the turbine.

Setting up a new turbine, using VERY large equipment!!!!

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  1. Holy cow!
    I was thinking along the lines of something smaller, like I’ve seen here, lol I never saw them that big before! thanks for sharing those pics k.
    imagine if you had one of those in your backyard and could decorate it for the holidays, *grin*

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