Escape From The Bristolwood

We decided late the other night that a small adventure would be just the ticket! So, we packed up the camper and took off!

We had been interested in the Tug Hill Plateau of NY, because we had read that it was friendly to ATV’s! That is hard to imagine, as in our own neck of the woods, ATV’s are *greatly* frowned upon. In fact, we had been told it was illegal to even consider riding on our (partially) dirt road.

I really enjoy living in the camper, as we cannot bring too much “stuff”, and it only takes minutes to clean everything up! We spent a couple of days at Whetstone Gulf State Park. It is a very cute little park and is surrounded by all kinds of roads that can be used for both ATV’s and snowmobiles. As Mark dug into more information, he found that 10 adjoining towns have opened their town roads to ATV’s! WOW! Try THAT in the Bristolwood!

One surprise we got was that the Tug Hill Plateau is home to a large “windmill farm”.

If you look closely at the above picture, you can see LOTS of wind generators! I know this might not be too exciting for some, but these structures were fascinating to Mark and me! Mark counted 135 in one place we were, but then he lost count!

We decided to drive some of the roads that were open to ATV’s, so Mark plotted a route, using GPS. This turned into one of the most *amusing* events! Our 2 wheel drive truck traversed some roads that resembled logging roads, as opposed to “country” roads! We laughed hysterically (perhaps more from nervousness than FUN!) as we drove through huge puddles of water…(wondering in the back of our minds…how DEEP!) Of course, our cell phones were totally useless as they read “No Service”! Mark giggled, wondering how we would ever get out of there, had we gotten stuck! We saw lots of little stone “fences”, that is, piles along the roads (sometimes, better called *paths*). I commented perhaps the Indians put them there, and Mark said yeah!, and no one else has been on these roads SINCE! We never did see any other cars, trucks, nor signs of life!

As we drove, we were able to see many of the access roads for the wind generators! We were able to drive right up and get a really close look at these! Although they have been *tabooed* in our own area, they are impressive structures!

I have several more pictures but am having some difficulty uploading them now. I will share later! More to come on our adventures away from home!

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