Another Hard Loss….

Just after I made my entry into my blog Friday night, I read email and discovered that Ruth had lost her little Megan earlier in the day. The pain of losing three pups in a little over a year has got to be so very overwhelming. I realize that losing a pup isn’t the same as losing a person….or is it? We pour so much of ourselves into their short lives, and our pets often reflect our own personalities. Ruth has added (yet another) special page to the memory of her little Megan.

On Friday, I got a box from the UPS man. He apologized rather profusely for not delivering it to me earlier in the day. He explained that the box had gotten buried under some larger ones! (this is not my regular driver, who was on vacation) So, with trembling hands, I opened my box to find my NEW stick blender!

I remember when I first began making soap, I was so reluctant to even try the stick blender when I first heard about it! I had a Moulinex that was several years old at the time, so I finally decided during one batch to give it a try. WOW! I was a “convert”. That stick blender lasted through my first eight years of soap making! One day, about a month ago, it just kind of died a very slow death. I then pulled out a cheapie blender I had picked up somewhere. It worked well through about two batches of soap, then the stainless shaft went sailing out of the plastic “collar” that attached it to the motor. Not good! So, the past several batches of soap I made, I would hold the handle in one hand, and the metal shaft in the other, making sure it didn’t fall down into the soap. I finally got online, and found a very nice commercial grade blender.

I made a batch of lavender soap yesterday and used my new blender. It worked well. It seems a bit more “mellow” than the hyper blenders I had in the past. The motor is so quiet and it seems to just effortlessly blend everything together!

Strange the things that makes a soaper’s heart happy, isn’t it?