TGIF (Part II)

As stated previously, King Angus is not overly fond of his lowly subservient brother, Murphy. I guess were I forced to give Wee Murphy a fitting name, it should be “Murphy, the Innocent” for that is what he is! So, please examine the following photo, and pay attention to Angus ‘ (r) expression………

As you can see, Angus is just not thrilled that I would force that “little guy” with cooties to sit next to his majesty. Notice also the look on Murphy’s face!

Well, after a few somewhat stern words from me, and the mention of a cookie, Angus does become a bit more submissive, and even tolerant of the little fellow’s presence!

Proving once again, that the way to man’s heart is through his…………

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  1. Murphy should have subtitles.
    “This is so great, this is great.” “I get to sit next to Angus.”
    Angus subtitles are censored.
    Your dogs just crack me up. Sometimes I’m not sure if should I laugh or cry..maybe both.

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