TGIF (Part II)

As stated previously, King Angus is not overly fond of his lowly subservient brother, Murphy. I guess were I forced to give Wee Murphy a fitting name, it should be “Murphy, the Innocent” for that is what he is! So, please examine the following photo, and pay attention to Angus ‘ (r) expression………

As you can see, Angus is just not thrilled that I would force that “little guy” with cooties to sit next to his majesty. Notice also the look on Murphy’s face!

Well, after a few somewhat stern words from me, and the mention of a cookie, Angus does become a bit more submissive, and even tolerant of the little fellow’s presence!

Proving once again, that the way to man’s heart is through his…………

TGIF! (Part I)

This week has been kind of crazy and mixed up. We have been facing some “giants” lately, and it has been causing so much stress! Today, several things began to fall into place, and I thank the Lord for that!

This morning, I went out on the front porch to water all of my plants, and my poor New Guinea Begonia was looking a bit sorrowful…..

So, you thought I was kidding? Have you ever seen a more *abused* looking plant. I guess I was lying when I said it was a “bit sorrowful”, huh? Well, there is a reason for my little plant looking so pathetic…
Yup, some silly little Junco birdie decided my poor plant was the perfect nesting ground! I did carefully lightly water the plant and it came back! I had not watered the plant since last week, so I guess that bird fooled me in her covert manuever by building a nest AND adding eggs!

Of course, we do have really cool birdie visitors who do NOT make nests in my hanging baskets! We derive so much entertainment from the little hummers that come to our feeder. They have been coming ever since I hung the first feeder up about 12 years ago. I don’t know the lifespan of a hummingbird, but I suppose we have grandbirds and great grandbirds by now! This little bugger was resting, wings at her side, as she sipped from the feeder.

And speaking of hummingbirds…about three weeks ago, we were getting ready to go out. The kids had left the garage door open, and as I was getting ready to get into the truck, they called out to me, rather panic-stricken. I ran to the garage and they informed me there was a wee hummer in the garage. I got a broom and just held it up to kind of “drive” the bird forward. It worked, and the little critter landed down on the sidewalk just outside the garage door. I reached down and it “hopped” up onto my hand. As I raised my hand up, it flew off! I could feel its tiny body brush against my hand, and the feathers actually felt more like “fur” than feathers. What a treat it was to see one of these little dive bombers up close!

As Mark and I enjoyed some time just relaxing on the front porch, the “boys” began to make some noise, indicating their disenchantment with being left inside the house. I quickly rectified this, grabbing both of them and corraling them onto the porch.

In this house, there is one king, and he reigns over his one serf with great power and majesty . (at least in HIS own mind) The king’s name is Wee Angus of Bristolwood. Angus makes sure that all transactions within his kingdom are done according to his own specific rules and all creatures must follow his policies and procedures with utmost care to detail. Now, Angus’ one lowly servant is our dear little Murphy. Murphy is the perfect servant…yielding with grace and dignity.

As soon as the boys made their way onto the porch, the king lunged into the vacant chair next to Mark, and Murphy took his humble place below Angus, silently coming to rest under the chair. You see, the king must always rest above the the younger. Of course, I discourage such behavior, so…to keep Angus from feeling too superior, I grabbed little Murphy and placed him *next* to Angus!