Where Did This Day Go?

This was one of those hurry and get nowhere FAST days!

I got up and released some more of my Scottie soaps from their molds. I am pretty pleased with these soaps. They are a bit more work, as pouring soap into molded designs requires a bit of patience and some skill…trying to get them *just right* is a bit of a challenge. Once they are done, it is such a relief, and seeing them on the drying shelves makes me want to SING!!! Here is a peek at how they look:

The paw print is a Creme Brulee Scent and the Creme Brulee Scotties will be made tomorrow. The one bar that is missing is my Almondoolah, which I released this morning. So, all in all, I will be making up 10 differnt “flavors”! I came up with some cool new soaps for this “project”. One of those is my Yogurt and Herbs Lavender Soap. I made the soap with yogurt for half of the liquids and also added powdered Lavender flowers. It came out a really pretty golden to tan color with dark flecks from the ground flowers.

After receiving my UPS shipments and packing orders, we left to take my MIL to the doctor. While Mark and his mom were at the doctor’s, I ran to Wegmans and the post office. Then we picked them up and drove my MIL back home. We stayed at her house for awhile, doing some simple little things for her. It was so >>hot<<>

As we drove home, we passed a small Farmer’s Market. It was nearly time for their closing, but Ben and I popped out of the truck to have a look. One of the vendors sold jams and jellies…my downfall! I picked up three varieties. The first was for ME! Orange and Walnut Marmalade. The vendor took the jar and told me to look for a “better” one with more walnuts! We dug around and found one with TONS of nuts. (and yes, I *know* you are what you eat!) The second jar was for Mark. I picked up a Hot Pepper Jelly; a pretty green color, made with Jalapeno peppers. As the girl packed it, I told her my husband REALLY likes anything Habanero. She immediately UNpacked the jar, pointing me to the “really hot” jelly, OR, the “turbo” jelly. I opted for the turbo variety, stating that I would pick up some crackers and cream cheese on the way home to help diminish the burn! Last, but not least, intrique overwhelmed me and I picked up a jar of Caramel Apple Jam. As the girl finished packing up my goodies, she left, telling me she had “something for me”. She went to her truck and returned with a package of crackers! I thanked her, and she asked me to return and let her know about how the turbo jelly was received!

When we got home, I nearly knocked everything in front of me aside, anxious to open my purchases!!! I did stop at the store and bought speadable cream cheese. I took a cracker and spread the turbo jelly on without the cream cheese. WHOA Mama!!! That was HOT but GOOD!!!!! I ate another with cream cheese….just a tiny bit. Can you say YUMMY? Mark also gave a big thumbs up! I also opened the Caramel Apple Jam…oh MY! Isn’t there a law against food tasting SO good?

This vendor must have had about 30 different types of jams and jellies. Will I return to *test* more? You BET! And, I think I am going to be eating more toast and crackers!!!

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  1. The soaps look terrific!
    Mmmmmmmm….jams and jellies, although I’d have to pass on the hot stuff, LOL! My son made me picante noodles for lunch and I couldn’t even eat them, I’m a total wimp when it comes to anything stronger than “mild”, *snort*

  2. Katya, the soaps are turnig out terrrrrrifcally beautiful, lassie.
    Caramel Apple jam sounds yummy, and I immediately thought that would make a good fall soap scent.
    Didn’t know there could possibly be more than 6 kinds of jams and jellies.Bring on the toast!!!

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